Pool Risks & Rules

Operating Hours: 10 Am – 8 Pm

Address & Bathing Loads 

Chapel Crossing- 5000 Chapel Crossing – 85 Individuals
Chapel Crossing- 4270 Chimney Hill Drive – 150 Individuals
Stewarts Creek- 6137 Millstone Drive – 85 Individuals

  • Shower before entering the water
  • Children under 14 shall not be allowed inside pool amenity area without an adult in attendance
  • Adults shall not swim alone
  • All children three years old and younger and any child not potty-trained must wear snug fitting plastic pants or a water-resistant swim diaper
  • Do not swim if the suction outlets are missing, broken, or not clearly visible from the deck
  • You must be at least 21 to consume alcohol
  • You must have an ID and amenity pass while at pool
  • No glass articles allowed in or around pool
  • No food allowed in pool
  • Do not swallow the pool water
  • No running or diving allowed
  • Do not swim if you had diarrhea within the past two weeks
  • Do not swim if you any symptoms of illness, stay home
  • Towels must be used on all loungers and chairs
  • Bring your own disinfectant, wipes, sanitizer to use on any surfaces you may encounter
  • There should be no expectation that any surfaces have been disinfected (tables, chairs, loungers, door handles, etc)
  • No animals are allowed in the pool or pool enclosure, except service animals are allowed on the deck Additional guidelines that may be mandated by State & Local Officials, including social distancing


If you feel uncomfortable, DO NOT ENTER

Violation of these rules or any other posted rules may result in a fine and/or loss of amenity privileges