Tennis Court Rules

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Operating Hours: 10 Am – 8 Pm

Address & Bathing Loads 

Chapel Crossing- 5000 Chapel Crossing
Chapel Crossing- 4270 Chimney Hill Drive
Stewarts Creek- 6137 Millstone Drive

  • Use tennis court at your own risk
  • For tennis play only, no other activities on tennis surface are allowed
  • Do not abuse net or other equipment
  • No food or glass allowed in the court area
  • No pets are allowed in the court area
  • No bicycles, roller blades, scooters, or skateboards
  • Any objects that may damage the court surface are not allowed
  • Proper footwear and clothing required
  • No loud or abusive language
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Lights will be turned off at 8:30 PM

Additional guidelines that may be mandated by State & Local Officials, including social distancing


If you feel uncomfortable, DO NOT ENTER

Violation of these rules or any other posted rules may result in a fine and/or loss of amenity privileges